The Last Cloud revision 1 released

A newly revised edition of “The Last Cloud,” is now available. In the process of developing my audiobook (currently under review by ACX), a number of typos and errors were revealed. It was surprising how much turned up aurally that had not been evident even after several edits, beta readings, and proofreadings. The pieces have been rearranged as well, to better showcase the variety of themes and styles.

Far fewer typos appeared in “The Man Who Stands in Line” and “The Way Around.” Although I eventually will put out revisions of those books, that may be a way off.

The currently available print and kindle versions are the revised ones. It appears that the Amazon “Look Inside” for the kindle version is correct, but the paperback “Look inside” may take some time to update. That has nothing to do with which version is shipped, however.

You can tell which version you have by examining the copyright page. The new one has a small “(rev 1)” after the edition. It also begins with the titular piece “The Last Cloud” rather than “Spleen Squeezer”.

Note that the audiobook is of the original version. I am very pleased with how it came out, and will post when it becomes available (probably in May).

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