My Moral Metrics Paper Has Been Published!

The paper develops a geometry of moral systems with applications in social choice theory.

I submitted it last October, and it recently was accepted by AJEB (the Asian Journal of Economics and Banking) for publication in a forthcoming special issue on Social Choice.

As far as I’m aware, the print version will be issued in November. However, the paper is available online now. AJEB is an Open Access journal, so there is no paywall. It can be accessed here:

PDF Version

HTML Version

The paper offers a more concise introduction to the subject than my monograph, and also introduces a lot of new material relating to applications in social choice theory.

Citation info isn’t available yet (other than the ISSN and journal), since it revolves around the print edition. I’ll post that when it becomes available.

One word to those familiar with my writing, my style, and my love of the Oxford comma. You may be surprised by some of the punctuation. Apparently, my own practices in this regard differ from those of the journal. Quite understandably, the editor favored the journal’s conventions. Except for a few instances which affected clarity, I saw no reason to quibble over what essentially is an aesthetic choice.

My thanks to Don Bamber for suggesting both social choice as an application and that I submit to AJEB!

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